Classroom Blogs.

Wow! What an awesome way to get kids sharing ideas, learning technology and building social skills (digital citizenship included). I reviewed several blogs and found three that I really liked for different reasons.

1. Primary 5V Class Blog –

This blog, though kind of plain on the surface, has a lot of neat features. The first thing I noticed and liked was the student avatars at the top of the page. I thought this was a great way for students to not only express themselves but to also dabble in a little digital creativity. There is a total sense of community within the classroom on this page. I loved the idea of posting student driven projects, such as the video on this classes Random Act of Kindness project:


This video gives the students an opportunity to show off the work they’ve done in the classroom and school. I love the topic, idea of the project itself, and the way they showcased it on the blog.

2. Kids With a View –

This blog was so colorful, bright, and fun. My attention was immediately drawn to the first post, which displayed sample work of students using Prezi (WOW.. I have never even used that program). I was astonished at the work. This was such a cool way to give the students tools to be creative while practicing their writing and literature skills.

I love the images at the top with the students in different scenarios and the voicemail feature on the right side of the page to leave comments! Holy cow, these kids are techie! This site and the students work really impressed me.

3. Learning Legends @ Lonnie –

I just can’t believe all the things I am reading/seeing on these blogs! This blog was great and showed a lot of student interaction. One blog that stood out to me was the one on Afghanistan Skateboarding – The teacher noticed a huge interest in skateboarding in her own students and asked how they could get involved in the program shown in the video below. What a great idea and so inspirational!


Overall… I’m so impressed! I never realized how incredibly advanced some kids are with technology – way more than myself! I think this is so wonderful and it seems like the kids really enjoy being a part of it. This builds on their moral, self confidence, and digital footprint! After seeing all these blogs, the potential use for classroom blogs seems never ending! There are so many positive ideas and projects being shared on all of these blogs. Not only does it give educators a place to go for new ideas, but it gives kids a place to express themselves and their work. It gives other students around the world an idea of how students are applying their learning. I’m really beginning to form a more positive outlook on blogging as an educator or in a classroom.


One thought on “Classroom Blogs.

  1. Amanda,
    Aren’t blogs awesome for sharing? One thing that seems to motivate students is sharing their work. Students often seem disconnected from their education in the classroom because so much of the time, at least in the past, has been dominated by the teacher. Blogs are such a cool way to make learning student-centered and it gives them the opportunity to share work with their parents and peers.

    Also, thanks for posting about the Afghanistan Girl’s Skating project. A great example of how blogs have made learning a global experience for students. šŸ™‚

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